This is a website started by Vanessa Lussier (aka Modern Medusa on YouTube) in her hope to raise awareness of the struggles men experience on a day-to-day basis. There are many serious problems facing men today, and they are often denied in having a voice. While this site will discuss many issues, her primary focus is… SEX!

Sex is one of the greatest pleasures that humans can have, and yet it is often used against men. It can be used to manipulate them, or even as a weapon against them. This site will focus on everything from the positive aspects of male sexuality to the negative aspects, such as False Rape Accusations, Genital Mutilation, and Male Rape Victims. We are all humans, and sex is not the enemy. In a nation that labels men as misogynist, rapists, and violent animals, we are here to fight against that narrative.

Our Forums Are 18+ Only

While our site is open for anyone to use, our Forums are for adults only. Given the nature of the Forums, as we encourage people to talk about sex and their personal issues, it will likely be inappropriate for those under 18. We only wish to have adults on this section of our website. It is up to you as a user to determine if you are of age to view the Forums.

You’re welcome to visit other places on our site, such as our public Gallery and our News section.

Men and Women’s Rights
Are Human Rights!

On this website we support both Men and Women’s rights. Many social justice warriors fear that giving men their rights requires taking rights away from women, but this is far from accurate. On this site, we favor an egalitarian outlook; that in order to have true equality, both genders need to be given the same opportunities in life… but they should not expect the same outcomes.

Many will try to claim that because we support the Men’s Movement, or call Feminism into question, that we must hate women or have internalized misogyny. Here’s some good news- we don’t. We love women, but we also love men! That means that we support all human rights, even if radical groups tell us we shouldn’t.

Note that we won’t deny that women can be victims of men. Not all men are innocent, but we don’t subscribe to the “Listen and Believe” philosophy. We strongly support due process, and that everyone is innocent until proven guilty- even for the most heinous crimes. This goes for both men and women, to whom we hold to the same scrutiny for their actions. Both men and women are capable of good and evil, at equal rates.

This Site is Non-Feminist, Not Anti-Feminist.

It is very likely that our site will talk about Feminism, considering how many modern feminists have opposed men speaking about their issues. First, we acknowledge that there are some good Feminists out there, and we highly respect them (We love you Based Mom!). However, we do have issues with many feminists out there (especially the current wave of feminism) and we will speak of them in regards to men’s issues. Our discussion of feminism is only through the lens of what rights men are denied.

That being said, this isn’t an Anti-Feminist website. We don’t hate all feminists, and we won’t be holding anti-feminist rallies. We will likely have many anti-feminists on this website, but our focus is on Men’s Rights itself. Most importantly, we will never- I repeat, NEVER condone bullying, harassment, doxxing, stalking, or physically harming anybody- no matter how much they’ve done so to others. While we believe in fighting against harmful ideologies, we will always be against hurting humans. Why would we condone violence when men and boys suffer so much in the first place?

No P’s, Only B’s, Please.

On this site, we will be discussing sex. We welcome all discussions on the subject. However, we do NOT want to see your genitals. That means penises and pussies. Okay, maybe some of us want to see it, but this isn’t the place for it. This is not a porno site, and you won’t see our Lovely Ladies showing you their naughty parts, so we don’t want anyone else showing us theirs on the forums. This goes for both male and female members.

That said, breasts and nipples are different. Men are free to show their nipples, and in most places in the US, women also can show theirs too! On this site, you might see a girl show her nipples, and others might show off their breasts without showing their nipples, which is their choice to do so- but don’t expect it, beg for it, or get butthurt if it doesn’t happen. Just remember that respect is the most important aspect of this community we hope to build with you all! And since we’re on the subject…

We have a Zero Tolerance for Harassment

People who provide content on this site do so at their level of comfort. They give as much or as little as they want to our amazing audience. Members are also encouraged to add to the site and help us build a strong community. We’re hoping this becomes something wonderful over time.

Any harassment given to the members of this site will not be tolerated. You can ask someone if they will post a picture, and they can tell you no. Repeatedly asking someone to do something they indicate they don’t want to do is harassment.

We give warnings for improper behavior, and we are willing to suspend or ban someone if the need comes. We don’t want to, so please don’t give us a reason. At the end of the day, we are all people, and people deserve respect.

We are Anti-Censorship

As a whole, we are against censorship. We don’t want to silence anyone for their views, or impede their free speech. Having a forum on our site is a privilege, not a right- which means our first priority is keeping the peace. So, we strongly encourage you to check out the rules for our forums, and adhere to them. You will not be persecuted for having different views or getting into heated debates. We won’t deny you the right to have an opinion, but we will enforce the rules on this site.

We are Looking For Writers!

We’re looking for those who are passionate and have something to say. While we have members who do write articles, we are open to submissions here and there, and even some becoming full-time writers for Lovely Ladies. You don’t have to be a lady to contribute though, of course.

While all Men’s Issues are open for discussion, we do have a focus on issues surrounding sexuality, especially the negative aspects that are  used against men. As long as it relates to our goals of spreading awareness about Men’s Issues, we’ll be happy to review and post articles submitted to us.

If you have an idea for an article, send us a message on our Contact Us page. We are also looking for editors and artists!


As mentioned, our hope is to build a community, a place where we can come together and discuss key issues. Check out our Forums, to speak with others who are passionate about Men’s Rights, and our News section, featuring everything that is currently happening in the world.

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