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Veterans Medical Care

There are over 21 million US Veterans. 90% of them are men.

4.4 million US Veterans are receiving Disability Compensation.

NOTE: The following is in dispute by VA Inspector General.

In 2014, Veterans Affair internal investigations identified 35 Veterans who died while waiting for care and over 120,000 other Veterans who never got the care they needed.




97% of alimony payers are men.

In some states, alimony can go as high as 70% of the payer’s income, and last until death.

Many states have no guidelines on awarding alimony, from total payment to duration, and discretion is given to the judge.




The 2008 recession saw 5.7 million American jobs lost from 2007 – 2009, with 80% held by men.

American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 was meant to help men. The National Organization for Women lobbied to include women, despite women having a job growth during the recession. Nearly 40% went to social services instead of helping create jobs for men.

Since the 1990’s, men have been consistently higher than women in unemployment rates in US and Canada. This is due to men primarily working in labor jobs, and women working in service jobs.



Mental Health Awareness

Men make up the majority of suicides around the world, on average 4 times more than women.

In 2013, the CDC revealed that 6.4 million children have been diagnosed with ADHD. Boys are twice as likely to be diagnosed than girls, as boys are naturally more energetic and restless than girls, and it is believed this is the reason why boys are more likely to be misdiagnosed for ADHD.

46% of men with mental health issues are embarassed/ashamed of their condition.



Cancer Awareness

Prostate Cancer is the most common cancer in men, unfortunately is also very hard to detect due to not always showing symptoms.

In 2009, the CDC spent $218m for female-specific cancer, and $13.2m for male specific cancer, despite similiar number of cases for prostate and breast cancer each year.

The male-to-female death rate for many cancers are on average 5:1.