About Us

Lovely Ladies of the Men’s Movement started with 3 people.

Modern Medusa


Reading Wren


Two chicks and one large dick…

I mean, two Lovely Ladies and a Man.

This was a marriage of ideas:

  1. Creating a website defending men and their sexuality
  2. Making a calendar promoting Men’s Rights

The two ideas went well together, and merged into one great project.

Our goal is to continue the work that initially brought us together: raising awareness for the issues that men face today. It should be noted, however, that our fight for men is in no way us wanting to remove the rights of women. We only seek true equality between the sexes.

Each of us have made a career on YouTube, bringing issues to light, that often get ignored by the world itself, and this website is the next step for us in bringing those issues to light.

Be sure to check out our articles, as we often update with news happen around the world. Also our forums, where we hope to give men a space to speak of any and all issues they face in this world, and the women to support them in their struggle. This is a website for everyone.